Getting Started

What is Popular Pays?
Why should I sign up? How do I sign up?

Sign up if you’re ready to get paid to create content for Brands on Instagram, or if you’ve always wanted to try your hand at freelance photography. To sign up, download our iPhone app in the App Store💁

How do I qualify for Popular Pays?

Anyone can download our app and sign up for Popular Pays, but to apply/participate in a campaign, you need at least 5K followers. That lets us know that you create content that people respond to, and want more of.

I’m outside the U.S. Can I use Popular Pays?

Bonjour, Ciao, Hola, Canadian-Hello, etc. You can absolutely use Popular Pays outside of the U.S., but your selection of available campaigns may not be as large.

I’m already a member of another Influencer platform. Can I still use Popular Pays?

No problem. We don’t get jealous, and we don’t have to be exclusive.

I’m an Android user. Can I use Popular Pays?

Currently? Sadly, no, but we’re taking our vitamins, eating our veggies and growing fast. We’re hoping to launch a web app in the near future that would allow access to iOS users, Android users -- anybody and everybody.

Can I use Popular Pays on my laptop?

We’re working on it, but a fully-realized web app isn’t available yet.

Do I have to have an Instagram account?

Currently, Instagram is our only platform for tracking followers and content creation, but we’re working to expand to other platforms in the future.

What information will you be able to access from my Instagram account?

Linking your account just enables us to keep basics like your follower count, average likes, and username. This is also how we check to be sure that you’ve posted for a campaign. We'll never post, Like, or Comment on your behalf.

I’ve signed up. How do I get started?

Welcome to the party! 🎉 Check out our New User’s Guide and see how to get going.

What’s your Privacy Policy?

Glad you asked. Check it out here.

Paid Gigs

What is a Gig?

A Gig is an opportunity for you to create content for a Brand who wants to raise awareness about a product or service. A Gig is your individual piece of a Brand's campaign.

What is a campaign?

Think of a campaign as the big project a Brand wants to complete or the goal a Brand wants to hit. A Gig is how a Creator contributes to a campaign.

What will I be asked to do for a Gig?

Each Gig is unique, like a snowflake, so make sure you read each Brief carefully. A Gig might require:

Do I still own my content?

Read each Brief carefully before you apply to determine what rights the Brand and you will have for the content you create for a Gig.

What do I do if I want to stop mid-campaign?

We know life happens. Dogs get sick, babies get off their leashes, cars end up in front lawns. If something goes haywire and you’re not able to complete a Gig, let us know ASAP. We’ll consider everything on a case-by-case basis, but failure to complete a Gig may impact your rating.

Why do I have a rating? How am I being rated?

Ratings are helpful for Brands when selecting Creators because they give a sense of your history with Pop Pays. Ratings are based on how well the Brief was followed, the timeliness of your posts and uploads, and quality of your photo and caption. Complete your Gigs on time, follow all the requirements of the Brief and produce great content, and you’ll keep that stellar rating. 🏆

I only see a few Gigs available on the app. Where are the rest of the Gigs?

When a Gig fills up with applications from Creators, it disappears from the app while the Brand makes decisions on those applications. If the Brand passes on enough of those applications, the campaign might open up again, so keep an eye out. 👀

What should I bid for a paid Gig?

You may have noticed a suggested bid appearing with some Gig applications. We’re providing suggested bids to help you stay on target with a brand’s goals for a campaign and to increase your likelihood of being selected. It’s truly a suggestion though! You can bid higher or lower, but if a suggested bid is supplied for a Gig, know that bidding higher might reduce your chance of being chosen.

  What's a suggested bid? How do you get that number?

We calculate a suggested bid for you based on several factors, ie: your follower count and the kinds of goals the campaign is trying to meet.

Why wasn’t I selected for a Gig?

Listen, it’s not you. It’s also not them. There are lots of reasons why a Brand may have to pass on you for a campaign, but none of them are personal. Budget, aesthetic fit, average likes per photo, follower count, rating -- all of these are factors for a Brand’s choice. Don’t let it get you down; we still think you’re a shining star. 🌟

What’s a “Due Date” on a Gig?

The Due Date is the date by which you need to upload all the required content for a Gig to the platform so the Brand can review and give you feedback.

What are Receipts and where can I find them?

Receipts are your record of activity with Pop Pays, and your status updates on Gig applications. You can find your receipts in the app by clicking the “Receipts” button at the bottom. From there, click any campaign to see your activity and status.

Can I post about multiple Gigs in 1 photo?

Multitasking is a virtue, but not so much when you’re creating content for a Gig. A post can only count for one Gig. It should be clear in your photo and caption that you’re only featuring that Brand.

I was accepted for a Gig that involves receiving product, but I haven’t heard from the Brand. What’s up?

The Brand is responsible for shipping product to you. Haven’t received your tracking code after a week of being accepted? Received your tracking code but a package has yet to arrive? Send the Brand a quick message to check in. If a reasonable amount of time has passed and you haven’t gotten an answer drop us a line [email protected].

I’m uploading my content for the Gig. Why can’t I upload more pieces of content?

When you’re uploading Content for a Gig to the platform, you’re turning over your content to the Brand. So, the reason for the upload limit is two-fold:

How long do I have to leave a post on my feed?

It varies from campaign to campaign, however the default for a paid Gig is 30 days. Double-check the Brief from the campaign to make sure you don’t ghost on a post. 👻

Who pays me, the Brand or Popular Pays?

Payments are handled only through Popular Pays. If you ever have a question about payment during or after a Gig, send it our way and we’ll get you sorted.

I completed the Gig, when will I get paid?

Once all the requirements of the Gig are completed, like we outlined in the campaign Brief, you’ll be paid within 14 days.

  Problem Solving

I have a question about a campaign. Who should I contact?

A good rule of thumb is to always re-read the Brief to see if your answer is hiding in there. If that doesn’t help, then who you contact depends on what your question is concerning.

Message the Brand if:

Message Popular Pays if:

If you’re still scratching your head and you’re not sure under which umbrella your question falls, reach out to us at [email protected] 🌂

Where are my messages?

Messages are connected to each of your campaigns. If you turn on push notifications, we’ll notify you when a Brand sends you a message. Check out the receipts icon on your navigation bar to see your paid Gigs and access messages from Brands.

I’ve sent several messages to a Brand and I haven’t heard back? What should I do?

If you’ve given the Brand a few days after a message (We all get busy!), then feel free to reach out to us and we’ll see what’s up. As in all things, a little kindness and patience go a long way. 💌 [email protected]

I’m being asked to log in again through Instagram. Why is that?

From time to time Instagram requires us to re-up the link to your Instagram account. It’s just Instagram having us do a ‘lil checkup to make sure you’re still you.

I completed a Gig and posted to Instagram - why is my Pop Pays app saying I still need to post?

Did you triple-check to make sure you included all of the caption requirements as outlined in the Brief? That’s the way we register your photo as posted. If you have and your app is still telling you that you should post, send us the IG link and we’ll add it manually.

I completed a paid Gig. Why haven’t I been paid yet?

Please revisit the Brief and make sure you’ve followed it to the letter.

Common issues include:

You can also see the status of your participation in a campaign in the receipts page.

Can I hide old, pending, and declined bids?

Your active Gigs will show at the top of your Receipts Page, and the pending bids will show up underneath them, chronologically. To see your completed or declined bids, scroll to the bottom of your receipts and hit the “View Inactive Gigs” button.

Why have I been suspended?

Ouch. Take one more peek at our [Community Guidelines]. If you’ve been suspended, then it looks like you’ve ignored one/some/all of those. If you think you’ve been suspended in error, shoot us an email 👼  [email protected] 

How do I deactivate my Popular Pays account?

We’re gonna miss ya, but you can reach out to us at [email protected]


How do I register for the new payment system?

Very soon you’ll be able to open your app, or use our brand new web app to register for our payment system. It’s quick, painless, and simple. We’ll let you know when it’s time to register.

How does the new payment process work?

It’s a direct deposit, just like any regular employer would use, except this one’s from us. We create a secure connection between you and your bank to set up a direct deposit. We don’t see your banking info. 🙈  When we submit a payment, your bank sends it directly to you through that connection.

I’m working on a Campaign right now. Will I be paid through Paypal?

All Campaigns currently in progress will be paid through PayPal. Once you register with the new system, and if you complete the Campaign, you’ll be paid directly to your bank account.

Will it still take 14 days to get paid?

Here’s the great part: It’ll be even faster. After 10 days, we’ll initiate the deposit to your bank account, and you’ll be paid anywhere from 1-3 days after that. And that’s paid, money in your hand, not just waiting in your PayPal account to be transferred to your bank.

Who sees my banking info?

Not us! We’re setting up a direct connection between you and your bank. All we see is a code that tells us where to send the money. We only have the ability to deposit, not withdraw money. What we’re setting up is called an electronic Automated Clearing House deposit, (an ACH, for short).

Why do you need my banking info?

Your info stays secure. We’re just communicating with your bank so they can tell us it’s OK to send money to you.

What if I stop using Pop Pays? What happens to my banking info?

We don’t store your banking info at all, so no worries if you decide to stop using Popular Pays.

Is there a fee for the new payment system?

Nope. We take care of the fee for you. This is America. Land of the Free, Home of “Get Paid.”

I love Paypal. Why are we switching from PayPal?

Our new system allows us to deposit dollars directly to your banking account; no need to wait on money to transfer from your PayPal account.

When do I need to upgrade to the new payment system?

Once the new payment system launches, you’ll need to have have registered for the system to apply or be accepted to any new Gigs. The sooner you sign up for the new system, the better.

I’m a Creator based in Canada. Can I register for the new payment system?

If your bank is located in the both the US and Canada, and you have a 9-digit US routing number, you can still sign up. You’ll need to check with your bank to see the rate of conversion between CAD and USD.