Brands and Creators connect on our platform to collaborate
And create content they love showing off.
Ready to create something worth sharing?
Brands and Creators connect on our platform to collaborate and create content they love showing off.
Ready to create something worth sharing?
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Brands can quickly and easily create a campaign with our custom builder.

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Our Brand dashboard makes it easy to review and message Creators all in one place. Our platform puts communication in your hands.

A Creator’s stats and latest photo stream allow for quick assessments and brand compatibility

Accepted Creators start generating content and submit it on the platform for a Brand’s review.

You have 100% control over who and what gets posted.

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Incredibly rich content across many different Creators

Brands can review the in-depth stats from a campaign’s posts in the Brand Dashboard. Clear, insightful data you can use.

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Why Popular Pays?
Can't always judge a book by its cover, or a Creator by their feed, so we give you the full scoop. We have the largest databank of Gig ratings: over 4,000. Before you accept an application, we give you data on a Creator's timeliness, and how well they deliver on-brief photos & captions.
Demographic Data
For large campaigns, we can provide wrap reports with info on the audience that your campaign reached: age, gender, income, marital status, location, language, occupation, interests, brand affinities, #tags used; we’ve got the deets.
Direct Access to Creators
You're the best person to tell your story, so we put communication in your hand. Give direct creative feedback for your campaign as it progresses, and message Creators directly with our in-app chat.
Largest Creator Network
Whether you want Creators with a worldwide reach or someone with a more intimate following, Pop Pays has Creators to fit any goal. Our platform has over 8k Creators with over 4.34 billion combined followers across all social networks, ready to apply for their next Gig.
No Brand Too Large (or Too Small)

From boutique to big, we’ve worked with Brands and Agencies of all sizes, and we’ve got the options and the know-how to meet your needs.

Just take a look:

SkinnyPop's campaign reach popped up to 2.9M
See how they did it.
Method's colorful campaign achieved an audience of 4M
Find out how.
Kind Snacks sets a single-day record with their reach of 11.9M
What’s their secret?
Campaign Name
Creator's Goal
Creators who were selected for the campaign showed off their #SkinnyPopLove to their followers: "how, when, and why" they love SkinnyPop Popcorn, shared in their own unique style.
Total Reach
Total Likes
30 Total Participants
90 Total Pieces of Content Created
Yummmm skinny pop is dangerous! The cheddar is my favorite 💜
Amazing! @theskinnypop is my favorite. Love this creative photo!
Ahhh nothing better than skinny pop!
You make a bag of popcorn look so damn good
Addicted ever since you brought it to the last photo shoot!
Medium Brands
Large Brands
Campaign Name
Rebecca Atwood for Method
Creator's Goal
Creators in this campaign flexed their style muscles & came up with colorful shots that highlighted method's limited edition collaboration with designer/artist Rebecca Atwood.
Total Reach
Total Likes
35 Total Participants
105 Total Pieces of Content Created
I have the dish and hand soap ! Smells delicious 🍊
Thanks for choosing cruelty free! We use @methodhome all over our house.
This is "citrusly" the best. Love it! 😍🍊🍋
I love their products and this scent is SO YUMMY! 💘
@mitchelldeguzman we got this one!
Medium Brands
Large Brands
Campaign Name
Creator's Goal
KIND Snacks set a record with us, our largest Instagram activation at the time, by using our custom dashboard to coordinate with 70 Creators and have them post on the same day. "Kind" isn't just a name, it's a big part of who KIND Snacks is. With this campaign launching on World Kindness Day, our Creators celebrated everyday acts of kindness they saw around them, spreading #kindawesome moments to their followers. 70 posts went live on the same day, giving KIND an audience of 11.9M.
Total Reach
Total Likes
70 Total Participants
140 Total Pieces of Content Created
Nice!!! Kind bars are the best 👍
Just ate one of those. That's so great! Love it!
L💜VE this! I talk to random strangers all day at the library (it's my job) and I find that striking up conversations in public is pretty rewarding- we're all looking for a little kindness and connection.
That's a wonderful gesture. Great reminder, thanks!
Fabulous! That bar is so good and celebrating kindness is what life is about!!!
Great product and awesome message! Bravo!! 👍🔝
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